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OPTOMER Julian Meller Zdzisław Rzetelski sp. j.

[Poland] Small Form Factor connector

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Complying with all new growing market requirements and taking advantage of DIAMOND's more than 20 year long experience in fiber optic, today we are able to present you the new generation of Small Form Factor (SFF) connectors. Fiber optics has come a long way since its beginnings but still we have only scratched at the surface of possibilities.

Today's enterprises, telecommunication systems and manufacturers demand integration of variety of applications. Data traffic is becoming more and more dense. Networks requiring bandwidth are increasing by the day. Internet and Intranet have become increasingly important. Traffic of a mix of audio-visual data is requested by new technologies.

Installation space is becoming spare and importance for compact solutions is widely spread. A new breed of small-form-factor (SFF) connectors is revolutionizing fiber optic networking, at once enhancing the economic viability of fiber-to-the-x schemes and enabling equipment manufacturers to build more ports into the same sized box. After years of promises, fiber-to-the-x finally appears to be a technology whose time has come. Fiber-to-the-curb and fiber-to-the-cabinet are already commercial realities. Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and fiber-to-the-desk (FTTD) are slowly gaining momentum and may become mainstream during the next few years. Taken all these points into consideration DIAMOND has developed the new F-3000TM fiber optic connector. Making use of the excellent results obtained with the E-2000TM connector family and incorporating the features of a SFF connector the outcome is a most fascinating, versatile, and reliable fiber optic connector.

The F-3000TM concept presents a completely new development by DIAMOND.

F-3000TM is a very compact, high quality connector, which includes many different features:

* High packing density
* DIAMOND's unique multi component ferrule, NEW with 1,25 mm diameter
* Low (IL) Insertion Loss values
* High (RL) Return Loss values
* High-tech modular design of components
* High mating repeatability in both versions PC and APC
* Integrated metal protection cap

Taking advantage of many years of cumulated experience, DIAMOND decided to apply the same modularity conception which has proven itself very reliable E-2000TM for Simplex, Duplex as well as Backplane applications. The F-3000TM range is completed by mating adapters, allowing the basic body to be suitable for many applications thanks to different mounting brackets.

The F-3000TM connector is fully LC compatible supporting usage in broad range of already existing applications as well as steering towards future solutions.
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OPTOMER Julian Meller Zdzisław Rzetelski sp. j.

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