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OPTOMER Julian Meller Zdzisław Rzetelski sp. j.

[Poland] The worldwide-accepted fiber optic connector system

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The advanced construction of the E-2000TM combined with the modular concept of mating adapters, simplifies termination guaranteeing high quality and short delivery times.

Arguments in favour of the E-2000TM connector:

* The E-2000TM connector is the only connector, wich applies to Telecom, CATV as well as LAN applications. It is available in APC or PC version, in singlemode and multimode version and even for polarisation maintaining fiber, considering it's safety features;
* Easy push-pull design;
* An unintentional demating of the connector is not possible as the connector can be secured;
* The E-2000TM can also be perfectly handled by an extreme high packing density, mating adapter to mating adapter;
* The integrated dust cap and the guiding system allow more than 2000 matings, without soiling the front face. The user had not to be concerned as the cleaning of the front face is practically not neccesary;
* When unmated, the inegrated, self-closing dust cap protects from eye-demanding laser radiation, dust and mechanical damage of the ferrule front face. Anyway cleaning and controlling remains a very easy procedure;
* The mchanical keying and the color coing of the connector body and mating adaptor prevent from incorrect connection. The coding is so designed, that it is possible to assemble the frame and lever in a second time. In this way the stock-keeping can be optimized and the coding can be executed on site;
* Mating adaptor can be fixed to the pannel as a clip-in version or screws version;
* The E-2000TM is a CECC standardized component;
* The E-2000TM in the APC version shows outstanding results (-70 dB), which can be guaranteed during the whole product life;
* The E-2000TM is price-wise very interesting and is competitive;
* Beside E-2000TM connector there are also available receptacles and hybrid mating adapters. Laser- and Fotodiode modules can be adapted as per customer's requirements;
* The E-2000TM connector is excellently suitable for preasembled breakout cables. After the installation the ferrule's body can be equiped with the definitive connector body. This reduces the size of the cable head which means smaler hole passage through walls;
* The E-2000TM connector is available in horizontal and vertical duplex version (also for ATM instalations);
* The E-2000TM is provided with a 2,5mm ferrule like all the other connectors available on the international market;
* The assembly of the E-2000TM connector is very simple, as the connector is composed of only 4 parts: connector housing, ferrule's body, crimping sleeve and cable boot;
* The E-2000TM for SM or MM is provided with a spring-loaded ferrule, in order to compensate the length variations. Further are the "Fibre-Ferrule-Sleeve" independent from the "Kevlar-Connector housing-Kevlar" likewise the outer part of the adapter transmit the force onto the front pannel.
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OPTOMER Julian Meller Zdzisław Rzetelski sp. j.

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